Let's Get Started

I LOVE photography. No....you don't say (sarcasm insert here)! And I wanted my first photography post to be an interesting one. But I am just going to go start with a simple get-to-know-you type post to kick things off.
  1. I am not a professional (though I would love to be).
  2. I am partial to Canon but have love for all things photography.
  3. Thanks to my mom, I own a Canon DSLR - EOS Rebel XSi but am eyeing the Canon 40D.
  4. I also use a Canon Powershot point-and-shoot when the situation requires.
  5. I have a few different lenses for my Rebel, including the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens (for killer background blur), a macro and wide angle lens attachment, and a telephoto lens. I crave many more though!
  6. I edit with Adobe Photoshop CS4, but hear that Adobe Elements is great for the average user (and definitely more affordable).
I am a firm believer that with all of the editing software out there, it is easier to produce a great picture, but I think it takes some talent (and practice) to capture a great raw photo - perspective, lighting, space, color. That is always what I try to do; editing comes into play when that doesn't happen naturally though :) More times than not, I must admit...

I am still very much experimenting with my camera and all of its capabilities, as well as those within Photoshop, so I will post my experiences and finds here, letting you know how it all turns out. Until next time, happy picture-taking!

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